A 3-Module Karma Clearing

an extensive Karma clearing program


✨Clear This Life Karma

✨Clear Past Life Karma

✨Clear Celestial Karma

Normally $250, Now Only $77

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Are you ready to jump timelines

And clear the past Karma?

Are you ready to be free

And immune to the drama?


Free of past contracts

That you thrive to pay off

Free of the prison

You have built all along


Yes, Karma is real

From this and past lives

Karma’s in the stars

That will kick your butt


It will keep you in prison

Until you’ve had enough

And choose to break free

To claim your Divine Light


Join me on this journey

To reclaim your right

To your own divinity

In LOVE we Unite


If the channeling above spoke to you, then I see you are ready to Clear the Karma from this and past lives.


It will be very different than anything you have learned before and “All” that you will remember as an old soul.


What I will share with you and the activating journeys will be a Pure remembrance of the Magic you had forgot.

You will remember not the way you’ve learned in this life
and from others…instead, you will remember it the way you knew

before reincarnating on this Planet


If Ascension is a part of your life’s mission, and you want to go Quantum, then you are Ready for these powerful Activations.



❤️You will also receive the Karma series on Love, Health and Cruelty and Abundance we did last year ❤️

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

The benefits of these workshops extend beyond the following:

🌼You will feel the calm and peace in your mind that you have been craving for so long.

🌼The weight in your heart and shoulders will lighten.

🌼You will feel reassured, confident, and empowered to make the decisions that are aligned with you.

And the best part is that you will regain the trust in yourself to fulfill your heart’s desires. Plus, experience feeling more fully you as you will bring hOMe your light.

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~Meet Your Host~

Veronica Parks

Soul Healer & Channel

Veronica is a Soul Healer and Channel of Divine LOVE. She is the founder of the Angels Gate Academy, a spiritual road to Self-Mastery. Using the Soul Healing System method, Veronica Is able to help people clear past trauma and karma and activate their light.

Veronica guides group spiritual and emotional journeys through time and other dimensions to reprogram people’s minds and bodies. Using an intuitive approach to energy healing, holistic nutrition, timeline therapy, hypnosis, NLP and channeled messages, Veronica's methods clear the hurt holding people back from experiencing true love, acceptance, and appreciation.

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