Live Soul Healing Journeys

with Veronica Parks

Hi beautiful angel, welcome to the soul healing world 🙌

Over the last year many of our soul family members especially those who have been part of our community for years often ask me if I'll be doing any live soul healing journeys similar to the soul healing Sundays and other activations and to answer their request our Angel Guides inspired these Saturday live events, which are open for anyone feeling the call to join.

Live on Saturdays

11am PDT / 2pm EST / 7pm London

A Deep Soul Healing Journey

A Deep Soul Healing Journey

to heal our wounds and Enhance our Gifts

Date: Every Saturday

  Time: 11AM-12PM Pacific / 2PM EST

Location: Live on Zoom

Recordings will be emailed by Monday

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Normally $111, Now Only $33

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Join us Live!

The Zoom Livestream will contain condensed important information to achieve better health, greater personal healing, increased Love and Joy, and expansion into Higher Consciousness.


We look forward to seeing you this Saturday

for the workshop and

Soul Healing Journey


The benefits of attending the live workshop extend beyond the following:

  • 🌼 Clear your energy and allow the light of your Soul to shine through and illuminate your life path.

    🌼 You will feel the calm and peace in your mind that you have been craving for so long.

    🌼 The weight in your heart and shoulders will lighten.

    🌼 Your soul’s voice becomes clearer and louder, so you can hear it through any other external noise.

    🌼 You will feel reassured, confident, and empowered to make the decisions that are aligned with your soul's purpose.

And the best part is that you will regain the trust in yourself to fulfill your heart’s desires. Plus, experience feeling more fully you as you will bring hOMe your light.

Register now to secure your spot and receive all the details you need to join us on Zoom this Saturday."

You will receive the replay by Monday

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If you know someone who is often having difficulties or you think they will enjoy it, then feel free to share this soul healing workshop with them!

~Meet Your Host~

Veronica Parks

Soul Healer & Channel

Veronica is a Soul Healer and a Channel of Divine LOVE. She is the founder of the Angels Gate Academy, a spiritual road to Self-Mastery.

With the Soul Healing System method, Veronica Is able to help people clear past trauma and karma and activate their light. Veronica guides group spiritual and emotional journeys through time and other dimensions to reprogram people’s minds and bodies.

Using an intuitive approach to energy healing, holistic nutrition, timeline therapy, hypnosis, NLP and channeled messages, Veronica's methods clear the hurt holding people back from experiencing true love, acceptance, and appreciation.

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