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Veronica is a Master Soul Healer a Channel of Divine Love and the founder of an international life transformation organization restoring lives by reprogramming the subconscious mind to transform unhealthy habits, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

She teaches people to bio hack their mind, body, and soul to live healthier, happier lives. Using a holistic approach,Veronica has combined ancient wisdom, spirit channeling and modern proprietary methodologies to increase emotional wellbeing and clear blocks and karma from this and past lives through the Soul Healing System.

Veronica's journey began on a small farm in Moldova, a tiny country in Eastern Europe. She grew up suppressed under communism; her family struggled through poverty, but always had healthy,

real food to eat.

Before the age of 10 she was sexually abused and set a goal to escape the suppressed land of her ancestors and be FREE.

Veronica Parks is now living in California, happier that she has ever been and has brought with her a culture of health,

nutrition and soul healing.

With deep expertise in Energy Healing,Integrative Nutrition, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, and many other modalities Veronica is dedicated to help people heal

from the inside out.

Veronica's work has been featured

as Master Soul Healer, Channeler,

top Intuitive Business Coach

+ Wellness expert on

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