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How to Stop Being Emotionally Attached to Someone

November 06, 20223 min read

Emotional attachment to another individual is quite common and it’s very important to recognize it for what it is.

 Many people get into a relationship and expect the other person to bring happiness into their lives. And the truth of the matter is that no person can make you happy until you personally choose to be happy. Now of course that is easier said than done.

 Emotional attachment is coming from having a void within us that needs to be filled.

 Often, it’s a reflection of attention, love, support, and appreciation we needed as a child and didn’t receive from our mom and dad or any parent figure.

 That causes us to end up attracting a partner like version of our parents that didn’t fulfill us, that didn’t love or treated us the way we needed them to.

 And we go through relationship after relationship attempting to find that lost part of ourselves.

It can be a long journey, because we end up attracting another individual that has a void that needs to be fulfilled within them as well. That is why the beginning of a relationship seems magical as both partners attempt to impress the other and make each other happy.

However, sustaining this kind of dynamic can be extremely depleting for either individual, and we wonder why the other person has changed.

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Here are the steps to free us from emotional codependency:

1.     The first step is recognizing what void we want our partner to fulfill. Take a piece of paper and write down all the things and feelings you need from your partner

2.     Find the pattern to where in your childhood that need is coming from. The quickest way would be to use a timeline therapy journey with an NLP practitioner or reach out to us at

3.     Use a modality to forgive your figure parent that didn’t fulfill that need for you. You can use a hypnotherapist/healer to forgive from the subconscious level, or the next best thing would be to write on a paper everything you are forgiving them for and burn it.

4.     Once the emotional turmoil is cleared, you can begin to give yourself the very things you were looking for from your partner. If it’s attention, then take the time off to do things that bring you joy. If it’s gifts, then take yourself on a shopping spree etc. Do that on weekly basis to fill yourself up and build the muscle of being complete without a partner.

Another element is also having a group of friends that you can interact with on weekly basis without putting all the pressure on yourself to fill up your cup with love.

Picking up new hobbies and things to learn are very beneficial for this step.

5.     If the first 4 steps have been completed successfully, now you will be able to attract a partner that is as whole and complete as you are. And you can enjoy an interdependent relationship where you feel happy with them and without them.

When you are ready to find your soulmate, reach out to us at

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